Night Diving

Amazing ! Incredible!

It is always the same enthusiasm after each night dive.

It must be said that the pleasure and satisfaction taken from a night dive never fails to meet the expectations taken before the event. In a vastly different world, the reactions are always the same.

Well managed and during good weather, this is the diving that will give you great pleasure!

. The beautiful animal life is varied and always in place ready to be seen
. The night dive sites are all close by (10 to 20 minutes by boat)
. The dives are usually to a maximum of 15 metres, lasting up to an hour of which every minute will leave you wanting more!

This dive will be very relaxing and calming, once overcoming any initial apprehensions you may have.

The trips are quick from Noumea. During summer the dives are between 6pm and 8pm. During the winter months, the dives are from 5.30 pm to 7.30pm.

So when you are ready - Let's go!

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