Tabou Reef

About 40 to 50 minutes by boat from Noumea, Tabou Reef is alongside the pass by Amedee Island. With its abundance of coral life and diversity of fish, this makes for a truly pleasurable dive.

The maximum depth along the drop-off is 18m, where resting sharks are often encountered on the sand bed next to buried sting rays. There is also a resident squid that makes an occasional appearance. The water is usually of excellent visibility with generally no strong currents. At the shallower depths of around 8 to 10m divers will experience a very different range of marine life.

At the shallower depths you will see many large groupers, coral trout, parrot fish and even clown fish.

Looking away from the reef into the blue, there often sightings of eagle rays and passing spanish mackeral normally more than a metre long.

The coral itself, is very colourful and diverse with many gorgonians and soft corals. At the beginning of the drop-off there is a large area of shallow coral brightly lit by the sun.

Turtles are often seen around this area in contrast to the soft white sand. There are many smaller brightly coloured fish hiding in among the sharp corals for any photographers delight.

Tabou reef is the perfect spot to either learn to scuba dive, or explore the depths along the drop-off for the more experinced divers. With it's close proximity to the wrecks Toho 5 and the Dieppoise, and the outer reef of the lagoon, this can easily be combined with many other dives to suit your tastes.
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