The Coral rocks of TEPAVA
(TEPAVA'S bommie)

Not far from Noumea (20 minutes by boat) is situated great diving along the same reef that has formed the island "l'îlot Maître".

With all its richness and diverse marine life, this site is accessible to everyone of all diving levels. It has also been preserved as a marine reserve.

The coral rock at 13 metres depth has two small cave entrances underneath with many fish.
"Tepava" is the perfect place to meet turtles, snapper, barracudas, trevelly, yellow ludjans, ui-ua, reef sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, bat fish and many others

All this life can be found around a couple of large rocks, one at a depth of 13m and another at 10m (both discovered and named after the local spear-fisherman George Tepava).

Shown here is a school of barracuda in front of 2 divers.
Not far from these famous rocks, there is another shallower platform where there is always a large school with thousands of yellow ludjans.

From January until April, there is a fascinating display as the fish here begin their egg laying season, giving up to a truly magnificant dive.

As can often be seen, there are 1 or 2 big dolphins that come along and distract us while we dive.

Seemingly unafraid, they don't hesitate in approaching very close to divers.

The ever famous conch (Charonia tritonis) devouring a star-fish.
There are large schools of white-finned trevelly, often 30m in diameter. They are usually seen in close pursuit of the schools of fusiliers.
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