for diving in New Caledonia.

The dive centres of New Caledonia have decided to adopt a “charter of quality and responsibility” imposing strict criteria and regulations in respect of the environment, safety of activities and quality of service.
This charter also regulates the easy working together collectively, to develop the tourism diving industry not only qualitively but in the diversity and richness of our diving destinations, of which the lagoon represents a huge potential for development and preservation.
Follow this chart and choose a dive centre that also has; in contributing to the ongoing of our waters in the interest of everyone.

Our dive centre follows these criteria:

Act. 1 : Never use an anchor on a dive site, except where the bottom is entirely of sand free from coral and permanent animal and plant life.
Act. 2 : During the dives avoiding contact with all animal and plant life;
Act. 3 : Careful use of fins and attaching secondary regulators and other items, preventing them from disturbing the environment ;
Act. 4 : Informing all level of divers against the taking of animal and plant life, and strictly enforcing this.
Act. 5 : Having available to divers documentation on commonly found animal and plant life in the lagoon, (picture books and underwater slates... ) ;
Act. 6 : Keeping on board a bin to prevent polluting the sea;
Act. 7 : Having someone staying on board during the dive acting as surface support, and keeping oxygen stowed and ready for emergency use;
Act. 8 : Observing the zone where divers are in the water and not approaching too closely. During a drift dive, following the dive group, allowing other boats knowledge of their presence and position in the water;
Act. 9 : Giving both a briefing and debriefing of the dives in the language fluently spoken by the divers.
Act. 10 : Only allowing no-decompression dives, unless holding individual, complete and adequate insurance
Act. 11 : Educating the divers on the importance of complete and up-to-date insurance
Act. 12 : Asking divers to fill printed obligitory disclaimer forms specifically for diving; and being able to describe how the diving activities will be carried out;
Act. 13 : Supplying divers equipment in perfect working order and always having available a set of equipment (full tank, Bcd, Reg.) ready use ;
Act. 14 : Supplying divers with a clean and able boat with personal space for storage of material and bags
Act. 15 : Strictly respecting the local laws and regulations;
Act. 16 : Having free drinks available for divers in between dives;
Act. 17 : Working under "Fair Play" and with respect to other diving companies and their property.
Act. 18 : Attaching in plain view all necessary qualifications and prices in the dive centre, along with this chart.

Each diver, each diving company, tour operator or association is the guarantor of his actions with the active cooperation of all governing bodies (GIE, Provinces, State, Diving Organisations, etc...). In case of consistent non-adherence of this chart by one of the members, a written explanation will be requested. On an elective decision, it can be proposed to maintain or exclude the pre-cited party depending on interests and appropriate conditions.

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