Situated just south of AmedeeLighthouse, it makes up the part of the great barrier reef and the mentioned pass of Boulari.
As its name suggests, Sournois (meaning cunning or sly in english), enables you to see the surface of the water but never beyond. It is a dangerous reef for navigation.

Contrarily, for the diver, the inside of the reef is like an aquarium and both the interior and exterior enable beautiful drift dives. `

You can have amazing encounters and discover the remains of an old sailing yacht.

This hoop is close to the concreted frames, of a big windlass and other remnants, at the end of a drift dive on the outside.
It is not unusual to encounter the nautilis, during the winter, at only 11 metres!
Nautilus macromphalus, this species and this coulouring are native to New Caledonia.
They live up to normally 500 deep and usually feed off small crustaceans.
Their shells are intrigueingly built as a logarithmic spiral, dating to a prehistoric age. The shell is interiorly divided into watertight logettes and the animal only lives in the last compartment.
Photos Nautile : Michel CHETBOUN
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