Translated to "dry crescent" this dive site is close to "l'îlot Maître" and the crescent is visible from the island's northern coast.

As it is a special marine-bird reserve, it is against the law to walk on the coral, and especially to break the eggs which carries hefty fines.

In front of the dry east coast, the coral is very diversified and dense growing on solid features (in the shape of an egg!).
There are many types of fish that have made their home here, especially huge schools of yellow ludjans.
It is not unusual to see eagle rays passing through on the north side of the reef. On most dives you will suddenly see a large school of fish turn and engulf you as, you'll soon notice, they are chased by giant trevelly. Small reef sharks are also seen here occasionally taking refuge under rocks or resting on the sand bed.
At night, there are many turtles especially the "large headed" (caretta caretta).

The maximum depth is 11 metres, the visibility usually good, with rarely any current.
It is an easy dive, long and very interesting, especially at night.

The beauty of this site has given cause enough to establish here the famous "Divescope", an underwater observatory of the aquatic life.
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