DV IMPERATOR description

An exceptional diving vessel for a lagoon out of the ordinary

The richness and diversity of the New Caledonian lagoon is well known.
But the size of this immense lagoon, really an inland sea, was until now a handicap for exploring dive sites further away and so rarely visited.

An exceptional diving device
Since 2003, with the grace of professional diving operators in the diving tourism and with the support of the South Province, this magnificant diving ship enables individuals, and groups likewise, to experience diving underwater in the best conditions of comfort and safety.


has been entirely renovated especially for diving, with its size and range of travel beyond all the others. It will take you for a discovery of the largest lagoon in the world in pleasant company, for a 1/2 day, full day, or the whole weekend. Also available are more distant dive trips to Isle of Pines, and also the famous Bay of Prony with its "Needle".

The Imperator is the stage for many encounters, and not just underwater. You will meet divers of many nationalities on board.
A diving adventure greatly appreciated with the best in comfort in all that could be asked for.

The equipment carrying is reduced to... nothing, aboard this ship
You will find the new-range best equipment from Japan, Australia, USA
With the best photo and video technology helping you to combine your passions with the best underwaterknowledge for diving, be you a competent diver or a beginner.

20 m x 6 m
70 tonnes
20.000 liters of fresh water
11.000 liters of fuel
Toilets & showers
Filling station
Digital HD video / photo
Diving gear...
large rear deck space for divers (tea & coffee time...)


  • Toilets
  • Hot water showers on deck
  • Inside/Outside mirrors
  • Inside/Outside sinks
  • Changing room
  • Large space for discussion and filling in log books
  • TV/ video, CD/radio player
  • Diving magazines and encyclopedias available onboard
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Individual storage space
  • Large ladder for water exits
  • Place for everyone...
  • .. with no lugging of heavy equipment
  • Steel tanks 7, 8, 10, 12 liters
  • Compressor +10 banks of 50 litres/350 bars onboard
  • Wetsuits suited to both men and womens' cut
  • 30 BCD's from XXS to XL
  • 30 regulators and gauges
  • Boots, fins, mask & snorkels all sizes
  • Rental of dive computers

Diving equipment changed over each year.

Dive lessons in a spacious and friendly manner


Please, come for diving, speaking, and over all ... spend a good aboard with us !
For that, we always keep a sunny disposition.


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