Social Club (non-profit-making) British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) member and CMAS affiliated.


New Caledonia : largely unexplored dive sites, from noumea to Isle of Pines, Lifou, Ouvea... a paradise for scuba diving.

With Noumea Diving you choose an onboard family atmosphere, with small group diving
over 24 years of experience in New Caledonia, we offer a comfortable and spacious diving vessel.

Welcome on board !

Noumea Diving has signed the " charter of Quality & responsability"
imposing strict criteria and regulations in respect of the environment, safety of activities and quality of service.

Warning :
Special Important Notice at the end of this page
On this picture our diving vessel IMPERATOR (20m long) is moving from "Duck island" to "Anse Vata" jetty, towing the "small" NOUMEA DIVING (9m) ;
the great barrier reef, Amedee light house, Boulari and Dumbea passages are about 50 minutes from this place.

In regard of the remoteness of the dive sites (over one hour) we only offer DAY TRIPS,
by this way, we have done the choice for a COMFORTABLE diving VESSEL, for FEW DIVERS and SMALL GROUPS
Allowing you to TAKE YOUR TIME, to STAY REST aboard and to ENJOY cruising and diving both.

Don't wait anymore : join us !


Deckchairs onto the flybridge,
6 m over the water level


(Imperator's diving deck for the surface interval : tea time ! or coffee...)
Yes, we are waiting for you... with a sunny disposition !
Online : just send us an e-mail, completing the informations listed on the reservation page ;
or ring us : (687)78 78 07 (7 days/week)

WHICH COST ? Please have a look to the price list. Get more details about prices and diving services, going to the Package page. Maybe will you need the Currency converter...

Cash (all currency) or by Australian cheque, once aboard. Payment by credit card requires a 5 % treatment fees.

Pick up at your hotel (FOC) at 8:00 am ; return between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm (depending of the number of dives).

NOUMEA DIVING is located at Nouville Plaisance, 5 minutes only from Noumea city center and 10 minutes from Anse Vata (by car).
Just nextdoor is the hyberbaric chamber of Noumea, supervised by another social club : "SECURITE PLONGEE" of which NOUMEA DIVING is a founding member.

On board : BBQ or brunch (please, see the price list). You can take your own brunch (fridge, hot water and microwave are available aboard).


A large, comfortable spacious 20m diving boat. Full facilities available, toilets, showers, all accommodations and compressors on board.


BP 384-98845 Nouméa NC

Telephone / Fax

Tel : (687) 78 78 07 (7 days/7)

E. mail

President / Nationality

Mr Gérard MONTHOUEL (French)

Instructors / Nationalities


Instructors' Memberships



French, English, Japanese


BEUCHAT / UnderWater KINETICS (wholesaler)


NOUMEA DIVING is the leading diving centre in New Caledonia, with the best means for discovering the dive sites and for training. (pontoon and other facilities also at Duck Island), (IMPERATOR).


Noumea Diving never ceases to improve by supplying all comforts and safety for your diving:


NOUMEA DIVING is born in july 1990, its french name is : "NOUMEA PLONGEE" ;
NOUMEA DIVING has been the first "PADI DIVE CENTER" in New Caledonia, the club is affliated with the French Federation, CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) and BSAC.
NOUMEA DIVING is the only dive centre with all installed aboard offering you all services without you having to carry any equipment;
NOUMEA DIVING is the only centre offering trips beyond the passes of Boulari and Dumbéa
, due to the large sea-going ship the IMPERATOR.
NOUMEA DIVING allows you to dive in small groups (no minimum diver number required for reservations) and value for money.
NOUMEA DIVING benefits from more than 25 years experience of diving in New Caledonia with Raoul MONTHOUEL. It is by far the dive centre the most experimented in New Caledonia.
NOUMEA DIVING has organised thousands of trips in the last 16 years with many famous French celebrities (the caves of Lifou with Nicolas Hulot) and also working closely with the "CLUB MED Château Royal".

NOUMEA DIVING has recently changed its status, becoming a social club, non-profit-making. Its members are coming from New Caledonia, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand...) enjoying its international certification program and the comfort of DV "IMPERATOR".

Special notice : - We have got an accident in September 2008 -

We were involved in the dive tourism business in New Caledonia for over 18 years, going for diving on request, regardless the number of divers. Despite one says the tourism is not working in New Caledonia, we were working daily and by an irreproachable way, leader on this small market where we introduced Padi in nineties.

However, for all these years, we have got increasing fights and denigration from our main rivals, with unpleasant rumours and administrative worries, as our investment and customers satisfaction were increasing significantly, specifically with the purchase of our impressive Dive Vessel "Imperator", who started to operate in 2003.
Since 2006, probably weary of giving us away to different administrations (and feeling strong to get a part of the local magistracy as customers) these rivals started taking Imperator as their target on the dive sites with their inflatables, they didn't hesitate to put in danger our divers, as their own divers (dropped under our propeller, or drifting under Imperator without any mandatory surface device ; by this way, once, they almost ran Imperator onto the reef) and... They start to make formal complaints against Noumea Diving's manager Raoul Monthouel (Master of Imperator) regardless the very basic Marine and Diving regulations they didn't respect at all. What was amazing: it was working. In this way, our diveboat "Noumea Diving" had been rammed twice, deliberately, with complete impunity...
In September 2008, within this execrable context, a PADI Japanese Instructor, under contract with our company, was conducting an introductory dive, at the end of which the customer drown... out of air, holding on her hand ! Then, Noumea Diving's manager, Raoul Monthouel, was torn to pieces by the media and the local court : he was being taken into police custody* for over 72 hours (regardless 24 hours renewable were allowed by the law), no investigation initiated, the judge in charge of the case had his Japanese girlfreind working for our main rival and he said that he was taking this case personally, and so on. The Japanese dive Instructor, fully in charge of the activity, didn't get any worry and she was promptly going back home to Japan. A real trap was beginning for Raoul and Noumea Diving...

In 2009 Noumea Diving Cy became a Social Club and the troubles were still going on. In 2010 we decided to stop all business in NC and to move away for a new business. The only words we have in mind are "ostracism" and, above all : " Carpe diem !" Those who want still to enjoy the good diving service aboard DV Imperator can contact us through the webmaster.

*European court doesn't allow anymore the French police custody, which was in discussion for years. The only purpurse of this custody was to get confession, regardless of the true, by keeping poeple out of contact with everything (clock, glasses, shoes, etc.) and everybody (lawyer !).

Please, potential comments : to the webmaster


More details from Raoul MONTHOUEL