New Caledonia: Denial of justice, judicial trap, ostracism


Noumea : with the French TV Star
"Nicolas Hulot" , return from cave
diving in Lifou (Loyaulty Islands)

His Certifications :

. Military sport trainer (rugby, boxing) & Commando Instructor
. Commercial diver (National Institute of Commercial Diving)
. Federal Instructor (French Federation)
. International CMAS Instructor 3 stars
. IDC Staff Instructeur
. BSAC Instructor Trainer

2000 at Club Med,
on to Noumea Diving
Dive Platform with "GM"


TV Interview "Cocotiers Square"
(Karine ARROYO, Frédérique

His experience :

. Army for over 7 years
. French Customs for over 4 years
. Commercial diving for over 20 years
. Noumea Diving creation and Management (the main diving operation in New Caledonia)
. In charge of all diving activities for Club Med Noumea (until Club Med moving from New Caledonia)
. 24 years diving experience through New Caledonia : "I dived everywhere, in the South, West, North and to the Loyaulty Islands ; specialy around Ouvea, where I organised dive expeditions for many years, we had 4 dives a day, sometimes more... it was a very good time and a great place for diving!"
. President of the New Caledonia professional divers union 'SPPNC'
. Professional Divers representative.

Pau (France) 1981:
Training Centre


Club Med: "GO" atmosphere...
Fun, friendly and very professional.

Commercial Diving

His great memories :

. The children happyness - my sun first - discovering helmet diving amoung school of fish!
. The shark feeding we did for about 6 years outside Boulari Pass; an opportunity to learn so much about sharks, with an exceptional and impressive approach
. A Night dive with a very big turtle, for RTL PLUS (German TV) for the animation of a Tv game.
. The very professional and kind attitude of national French & German TV staff interested in working with us.
. My diving cruise with Reiner (73 years old German) 4 dives per day with so many manta rays and silver point sharks. Reiner loved them so much and had a such diving experience through the world !
. Meeting with a so big white shark in Boulari passage... twice for se same dive! I m p r e s s i v e... and it was so... q u i e t
. A very good and professional relationship with the Club Med' "GO" & "GMs" for over 6 years
. "All the very good friends I have got through Noumea Diving... Many thanks to all of them! I don't forget you..."


Marseille France

Helmet diving in 1986
Marseille Harbour (South France).

His regrets :

. The very bad atmosphere among the diving businesses in NC, due to jalousies, denigration and people mediocrity, all getting worse at a so small place.
. The inefficiency of the country to develop its tourism, certainly in regard of the avove: the best specialists leave...
. The amazing administrative complications to run a competitive business in NC
. All the great projects I - and so many others - had and impossible to realize in regard of the above...

His wishes :

  • New Caledonia leaders, directors, managers, should pratice the humility by learning from other big countries around and by understanding the reasons of their tourism successes.
  • That the enterprising mind and success could be enhanced and not blamed.
  • That our exceptional environment and biodiversity could be preserved instead of being sold and sacrificed for individuals and industrial projects, habits from a past colonialism which will conduct New Caledonian people in to troubles and disappointments.

Dry suit called
"Phoque" (seal)

In 2002 at the workshop.