The Horn of Grand M'Bere Reef

This steep bulge, is rich in magnificant gorgonials and is a favourable passage for the pelagics (great barracudas, sharks, eagle rays...).

The drop-off is regularly broken by canyons and caves, generally at shallow depths and excellent shelters for lobsters! The coral is rich and very diverse.

It is close to this place that a careless diver disappeared (apparently diving at more than 80 m) and for whom there has been built an underwater memorial.

This site is not often dived, as it is beyond the 5th category of pleasure boating and so beyond the limits of most diving boats in Noumea. There are certain distances that different categories of boats can't go beyond from a landmass.

However, due to its size, the Imperator can take you there. In total safety, with all radio communications and creature comforts.
A day trip here may include, with three dives : The horn of M'Bere, the Uitoe pass, and the wreck of the Humboldt.


  • Full trips availability varies, so please contact us for details
  • Trips usually start at 7.15am until 5pm
  • You can bring all your equipment on board the day before if required
  • Meals - 2,950Fcfp (optional) or you can bring your own (microwave & fridge available on board)
  • Tea and coffee available free of charge
  • All divers must be certified with a minimum of 30 dives
  • Price per diver: 12 400 Fcfp (103,91 ¤)
  • Price for non-diver: 2 000 Fcfp (16,76 ¤)
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