"Caledonie Toho 2" & "US Cargo Containers"

Taking just 10 minutes by boat from Anse-Vata, The Toho 2 is about 500 m from the coast by Ouen Toro (opposite Le Meridien hotel), at a depth of 24 metres.

Toho 2 in port in August 1996
A view of the 4-blade propeller of Toho 2

The Toho 2 was sunk at 10.30am on 7/08/1996. It was a tuna fishing boat - with on board deep freezer - weighing 224.90 tonnes and 44.70 metres long and now rests as a home for a myriad of fish.

The wreck lies just 12 metres from the famous US shipping containers. The army quickly assembled these huge metallic boxes, about 2m across, which, using the small thrusters at the base of each box, made auto-propulsed floating pontoons.

There are always many fish found around the wreck(big barracudas, bat fish, trevally, lutjans...), it's just a shame the visibility around the wreck is usually ordinary.
The luckiest encounters are with a huge black spotted ray about1.5m across (Taeniura meyeni), which is usually accompanied by smaller sting rays (Himantura). Also, sometimes you can see a magnificant "guitar" shark about 3m long.
From January until April, there are huge numbers of fish eggs hatching all around and inside the wrecks within the lagoon giving a magical feel to the dive.

View of a cargo container
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